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Superfoods Zeolite Thrace 63 gr

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Natural detoxification. Essential for people on diet 180 tablets



Zeolite (Calcium silicate) is a natural product formulated through geological processes occurring within millions of years in nature.
Its name is derived from the Greek words “Zeo” (boil) and “Lithos” (stone); while its properties and applications are so important that allow people to characterize it as an “amazing” product. Zeolite has an enormous ion-exchange ability. This ion-exchange ability allows Zeolite to function as a strong detoxifying agent for the body and therefore as a weight-loss essential given that during a weight-loss diet large quantities of lipophilic dioxins and heavy metal are released in the body.

According to many studies Zeolite may absorb free radicals, bind heavy metals, toxins and organic substances. As a result Zeolite could:

1. Be used as a supplement in order to provide the body with necessary metals.
2. Improve the vital organs functions, since they are less burdened from dioxins and heavy metals.
3. Create a feeling of well-being, since it removes the toxins.
4. Increase energy levels and improve the absorption of nutrients from the peptic tract.
5. Work as a natural isotonic.

As the body tends to store toxins and heavy metals in the fat tissue Zeolite is extremely useful for people on diet or those who exercise as it will help bind the toxins and the heavy metals that are released as body fat is burned. Moreover, everyone can also use it as it binds and eliminates waste substances that are introduced into the body with food, water and air.

Zeolite: A weight-loss essential!

Fast weight loss diets often result to a situation known as “toxinosis”. Under regular conditions, lipophilic toxins such as dioxins are stored within the body’s fat and are released and removed slowly but steadily. If someone loses suddenly a large amount of fat, huge amounts of lipophilic toxins are released with very negative consequences to his/her health. Therefore, we recommend to people that are about to start a new diet, to use Zeolite Thrace™.

Zeolite Thrace™ comes from the area of Thrace and is 95% pure. This purity level classifies it among the top-quality products of the world. The product is the result of natural procedures with no further processing other than that of the removal of any impurities. Zeolite is supported by more than 200 official studies that have proven its utility as a substance of positive and normal impact. Its use is supplementary and not medicinal.

Dosage: up to 1 gr per day

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Additional Information

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Brand Superfoods
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Content 180 tablets


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