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Orders, Cancellations and Returns


For English-speaking customers, BestPharmacy.gr provides the following 3 ways of ordering products:

1. Via our website / E-Shop


Please find the products you need through the product catalog lists or via the search at the top, or through the deals that appear on our online shop pages. For each product, please add it to the shopping cart through the link [Add to Cart]. When all products have been added to the Cart, please click on the Cart icon in the top right corner of our webpages and select [Checkout] to complete your order.

The Checkout page will ask you to complete your purchases either as a registered customer or a visitor (without registration). The advantages you enjoy as a registered customer is that you can track previous orders and quickly use past shipping addresses, without entering them at the order form every time.

If you are a registered customer, please login to your account with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, there's a link to email it to you.

If you wish to register, please select the link [Login] at the top and then "Create an Account", or check the relevant box at the checkout and provide a password for registration.

By clicking the "View Cart" button (upper right on Cart icon) you can access the list of products currently added in your shopping cart and make changes if necessary. If you continue to "Checkout" you will be asked for your shipping and billing details before placing your order.

Once the ordering process is complete you will receive an e-mail with all the details of your order. If you require assistance, or you have questions, please contact us via email or telephone.


2. By E-mail


You can send your order by e-mail to [email protected], mentioning clearly the following details:

  • Your name, phone number, shipping and billing address
  • The list of products selected for purchase
  • The billing and shipping options

Important: before executing any e-mail order, we must reply to your e-mail, confirming the ordered products, shipping and billing details. If no such reply from BestPharmacy.gr is received within 1-2 working days, it is likely that your order was not received correctly by BestPharmacy.gr (e.g. the e-mail may be reported as spam and deleted). In such case (no reply), please contact us again to re-submit your order.


3. By Telephone


You can place your order by phone (in English only), by calling +30 281 810 8100, Monday - Friday 09:00 - 19:00 (EET timezone).


Cancelling Orders

Any order that has not been shipped can be cancelled without charge by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. Only orders that have not been shipped yet can be cancelled without a charge. If you have provided us with your e-mail address, you will be aware of the shipping status of your order, since we send e-mail notifications when we ship orders.

If the order cancellation request is received after shipping and before delivery, there will be a charge of all shipping costs including return shipping and any fees for the "cash on delivery" payment option (if the "cash on delivery" payment option was chosen). After deducting the above costs, the amount paid for the order will be refunded within 30 days.

If you have deposited the amount or your order in a bank account or paid by credit card or via Paypal, please contact us after the cancellation to give us the details of your bank account or Paypal account for the refund (minus any bank costs). The refund will be made within 30 days.

Important: If the order has already been delivered, it cannot be cancelled. In this case please check below for the process of returning ordered goods.


Defective products

BestPharmacy.gr accepts the responsibility for any incorrect, expired, damaged or otherwise defective products shipped and will replace or refund such products if notified within 2 days after the order is received.

Please contact us via email or phone to inform us for any product issues, or in case you have any complaints about our products or services.


Terms for International Shipping and Customs


Important terms for Customs and International Shipping:

  • BestPharmacy.gr is not responsible for shipping to incorrect or incomplete addresses. The correct and complete address and contact information should be provided by the customer for successful delivery.
  • BestPharmacy.gr is not responsible for any failed delivery due to customer absence from the specified address, customer unavailability and/or unresponsiveness regarding his order or shipment delivery, packages being delivered to unauthorized persons, or packages missing after successful delivery by the shipping courier.
  • BestPharmacy.gr is not reponsible for any packages remaining or being returned from Customs in any country, or for any Custom duties, fees or charges. The team of BestPharmacy.gr does not know the Customs regulations in every country and cannot ensure that products will be allowed through Customs to any country. Some products (e.g. perfumes, supplements, nasal sprays) may not be permitted through Customs in some countries. Only the customer is responsible for being aware of Customs regulations in their country and going through the Customs process, or if any duties or fees are needed to receive the products. If the products are returned back from Customs for any reason, BestPharmacy.gr will only provide a refund of the product value (not the shipping costs or other fees) when the products arrive back to its premises and are in good condition for resale (please see Return terms).
  • The customer is responsible for tracking the delivery and contacting the local courier or post office to check for the order package when it arrives in their city or local shipping point. BestPharmacy.gr is not responsible for packages being returned because the customer did not track the package and/or contacted the local delivery office in time.
  • If the package is returned due to any reason, including the ones mentioned above, BestPharmacy.gr will only provide a refund of the product cost (not shipping costs) when the products arrive back to its premises and are in good condition (as mentioned in the our return terms).



Customers can return the products within 10 business days from the date that they were received, but they must adhere to the following important terms:

  • Before returning the products, the customer must always contact BestPharmacy.gr via e-mail or phone to request the return or refund and explain the reason(s) for it.
  • If the return is necessary due to BestPharmacy's mistake or fault, or due to a defective or damaged product, the customer will not be responsible for any return or replacement shipping costs.
  • Specific product categories cannot be returned due to hygiene precautions:
    Eyeliners, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Mascara, Nail Polish (and Base Coats, Top Coats, Therapies), Hair Removal Tools, Nail Cutters, Scissors, Eye Pencils, Lip Pencils, Brow Pencils.
  • If the return is due to any other reason (including any issues related to Customs) the customer must bear the shipping costs (both for delivery and return shipping to BestPharmacy's premises) and any fees related to handling payments by the bank, Paypal or courier service (e.g. for the "cash on delivery" option).
  • Non-faulty product returns are accepted and refunded only if the products arrive back to BestPharmacy's premises in good condition for resale, that is when they are unsealed, their packaging and content is in its original new condition, and the products have not been used. It is also required to return the original order invoice to BestPharmacy.gr.
  • Any refunds (excluding shipping costs and fees detailed above) will be made in the same payment method that the original payment was made, within 20 days from the day BestPharmacy.gr receives back the products and the billing invoice(s).
  • Ιn case of partial or total damage of one or more products during transportation, the customer is obliged to inform our company within 48 hours of receipt. The customer is also required to send photographic material to our company that clearly shows the damaged products as well as the package. In case of proven product destruction during transport, the customer is fully compensated by our company with a new shipment of products (for orders in Greece), or a refund of the products value.
  • In case of incorrect product availability, the company bears no responsibility, but it is obliged to either substitute the missing product or refund it.


For more information please contact us through e-mail: [email protected]


NOTE: BestPharmacy.gr reserves all rights to modify terms and policies for ordering, shipping, cancellation and returns.