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Bausch & Lomb Desodrop Eye Drops 8ml

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Eye drops with antiseptic, protective, lubricating and soothing action, suitable for contact lens users.

Desodrop is an antisepticprotectivelubricatingmoisturizing and soothing ophthalmic solution for the ocular surface, based on hypromellose liposomes and ozone-treated natural oils, which helps:

  • in the recovery process after surgical or traumatic stress.
  • in the treatment of symptoms associated with inflammation that may be of infectious origin.
  • in the treatment of dry eye, including irritation caused by environmental conditions or mechanical irritation, such as from the use of contact lenses.

The presence of natural oils and liposomes supports the stabilization of the lipid layer of the lacrimal membrane, reducing the dehydration of the lacrimal layer and ensuring immediate relief for the eyes.
The vegetable oil is treated with the use of ozone and therefore does not contain preservatives, while it becomes more bioavailable and bioavailable thanks to the incorporation of liposomes.


Shake the vial before use. Apply one or two drops to each eye, once or more a day or as your doctor advised. The product can also be used while wearing contact lenses.

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Weight 0.110000
Brand Bausch and Lomb
Availability 1-3 business days
Flammable Νο
Vegan No
Audience All
Usage for Eyes
Content 8ml
Ages All
Skin Types All
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LipozonEye (ozone-treated sunflower oil, soy phospholipids) hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, boric acid, sodium tetraborate, sodium edetate, polyhexamethylenediguanidine (PHMB), water for injections