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Collagen Pro-Active FREE 20% More Product Liquid Collagen Lemon 600ml

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Collagen is a necessary protein of the human organization that through years decreases rapidly, especially to women, causing the phenomenon of aging. It represents 30% of total body protein and over 75% of the protein that makes up the skin. It is responsible for the firming of skin, skin elasticity, proper moisture and constant renewal of skin cells. For the first time in Greece the miraculous liquid hydrolyzed collagen drinking, a product which is the top step in the evolution and technology of collagen, since its liquid form, is directly absorbable by the body, and more efficient than ever and most important of all without any side effects to our body. Collagen in liquid oral form, directly absorbable by the body. • Reconstruct the cartilage of the joints. • It is an effective treatment for arthritis and osteoporosis. • It is safe for long term use. • It stimulates and rejuvenates skin naturally by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, creating a radiant complexion. • Strengthens hair and nails in a short time. • Improves the management of body fat / weight. Recommended • To people who suffer from arthritic problems. • Those who exercise regularly (athletes, gymnasts, dancers). • To overweight people, or forced to a sedentary life. It is Ideal • For those who wish to stimulate the skin, nails and hair. • To combat cellulite. • To all modern people who take care of both external appearance and internal well-being.
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Brand Collagen
Availability 1-3 business days
Flammable Νο
Vegan No
Off from Original Retail Price 21
Audience Women, Men
Content 600ml
Ages All
Skin Types All
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