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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?

  • 1. The most common reason is that the message was rejected by the email provider, either because the mailbox was full, or because the message was refused by a Spam filter. To avoid this, please add our email in your email contacts.
  • 2. A second common reason is that the e-mail address was typed incorrectly on the order, so the recipient was not found.

If you haven't received an order confirmation email, please contact us via email or phone and we will send you a new notification about your order.

2. Do you ship to my country?

Please check the list of countries we deliver by adding a product in the cart and checking the list of shipping countries in the shipping estimator. If your country is not in that list of shipping countries, please let us know and depending on our shipping service policies, we may be able to add your country in the list.

3. How much are the shipping costs to my country?

The shipping costs to all countries we deliver can be provided by the shipping estimator on the Cart. The cost depends on the destination address, the shipping provider selected and the weight of the ordered products. To find out the exact cost, please add the products you need in the cart and use the shipping estimator in the Cart page (it is not required to go to checkout).

4. Delivery and billing address is outside of the EU. Can I get VAT refund?

Our policy is not to refund VAT for retail orders, because the process for VAT refund is through Customs "export process" and we have to pay additional fee for exports outside the EU, which is similar or higher cost to VAT.
So we do not refund VAT, because the final costs is similar and shipping with VAT is quicker. Please note that VAT is already included in the prices shown in our e-shop.

If you are a business owner and would like to issue an invoice without VAT, please contact us via email.

5. I received my order, but some product was damaged or faulty. What should I do?

As explained in "Orders and Returns" page, if there is any damaged or faulty product, first of all you must take photos of the damaged or faulty product in the box that you received it, so that we can confirm the damage or fault. Then you should contact us via email at [email protected] sending the photos and explaining the issue and we will resolve it either by sending a new identical product, or by providing a refund.

In any case contacting us and sending photos of the issue is essential, so that we can also request for insurance compensation from the shipping courier.

6. How can I cancel my order?

Any order that has not been shipped can be cancelled without charge by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. Only orders that have not been shipped yet can be cancelled without a charge. If you have provided us with your e-mail address, you will be aware of the shipping status of your order, since we send e-mail notifications when we ship orders.

If the order has been already shipped from our store, it should be returned and there will be a charge of all shipping costs including return shipping and any fees for the "cash on delivery" payment option (if the "cash on delivery" payment option was chosen).

You can find more details in the "Orders and Returns" page.

For further clarification or information please contact us: E-mail: [email protected]