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Gum Travel Kit (156) Travel Set for Oral Hygiene

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The travel kit contains Original White Toothpaste 12,5ml, Travel Toothbrush, Original White Floss 10m, 2 Interdental Soft Picks.

• Original White Toothpaste:
The new improved formulation has been scientifically proven that
- Effectively removes colorations
- Prevents the reappearance
while also strengthening the gums and teeth

• Travel Toothbrush:
A normal sized toothbrush that folds into a small travel size
- Design folding in three: The brush head folds conveniently on the handle clean and small travel size.
- The rubber pad thumb adds comfort and control while brushing your teeth.
- Ventilation holes in the handle allow to escape the extra moisture.
- Antibacterial bristles to stay cleaner between uses.
- Hair Dome Trim for effective removal of plaque on tooth surfaces and under the gum line.

• Original White Floss:
Dental floss for whitening micronised silicon and fluorine assists in the removal of color between teeth where a toothbrush can not reach, providing efficient interdental and below the gum line plaque control for more beautiful and healthy teeth and gums.

• Interdental Soft Picks:
- An innovative interdental brush disposable made entirely of soft rubber.
- The Soft-Picks slide comfortably between teeth for safe removal of plaque and food particles.
- The soft and flexible bristles stimulate and make gentle micro-massage gums to promote blood circulation and healthy, stable tissue of the gums.
- It has been clinically proven that Soft-Picks help reduce gingivitis.
- Easy and comfortable to use, Soft-Picks are an excellent alternative to dental floss for users who can not use it.
- No metal wire, is ideal for patients with orthodontic appliances or implants.
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Brand Gum
Availability 1-3 business days
Flammable Νο
Vegan No
Off from Original Retail Price 35
Audience All
By Concern Cleansing
Content 1 travel set
Ages All
Skin Types All
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