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Health Aid Vitamin D3 2000IU 120Tabs

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Nutritional supplement with Vitamin D3 for the Normal Function of the Immune System

It is the most studied vitamin, as it is necessary in many biological functions, with the most important being the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, to maintain healthy bones and teeth, but also to maintain healthy levels of calcium in the blood.

In addition it helps maintain normal muscle and immune function, and newer studies have linked healthy vitamin levels to heart and thyroid health.

How does it work; Under favorable conditions, vitamin D can be produced by the human body itself by exposure to the sun, under the influence of UV radiation.

That is why it is called the vitamin of the sun.

However, studies have shown that a very large part of the world's population suffers from vitamin deficiency and deficiency, possibly due to reduced sun exposure, as well as the use of sunscreen.

Its deficiency is associated with the development of osteopenia, osteoporosis and rickets in children.

HealthAid Vitamin D3 is in the form of cholecalciferol, its most bioavailable form for maximum results at 2,000iu

HealthAid Vitamin D3 is suitable for:

  • Elderly people who are prone to bone fractures
  • Menopausal women.
  • Those who show a lack or deficiency of the vitamin.
  • Those who are not exposed enough to the sun.

Gnost.EOF: 7471 / 27-01-2021

The notification number to the AEO does not constitute a marketing authorization of the AEO.


Adults, 1 tablet daily.


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Brand Health Aid
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Vegan No
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Audience Women, Men
Content 120 Tabs
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Vitamin D3 (2000IU)