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Lamberts Cranberry Complex Powder 100gr

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Approximately 25 grams of fresh cranberries are used to produce just 1 gram of our concentrate so just one teaspoon of this delicious powder is equivalent to up to 12 typical cranberry tablets sold in many high street shops. Lamberts Cranberry Complex is produced from fresh mature cranberries which are first washed, de-pectinised and then spray dried to produce a low sugar concentrate. Cranberries and cranberry drinks have become popular with many women however, cranberry juice is very sharp to the taste and consequently many commercial cranberry drinks are often laden with sugar and high in calories. In contrast, our product is sweetened with a natural soluble fibre from chicory root called FOS that is known to act as a prebiotic, meaning that it selectively encourages the growth of friendly bacteria in our system. Use: 5 to 10 grams daily. 5 grams is equivalent to one teaspoon. Sprinkle the powder into cold water or fruit juice and mix thoroughly. The powder may be taken safely on a long term basis, used intermittently as and when desired.
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Availability 1-3 business days
Flammable Νο
Vegan Yes
Brand Lamberts
Off from Original Retail Price 30
Audience Women, Men
Content 100 gr
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A pink soluble sugar free powder

Each 5 grams delivers:

Cranberry Powder 2470mg Fructo-Oligosaccharides 2470mg
Vitamin C 60mg

Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Cranberry Juice Concentrate Powder, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Διατροφικές πληροφορίες Aνά 5γρ
Cranberry Powder 2470mg
Vitamin C 60mg
Fructo-Oligosaccharides 2470mg

Συστατικά: Σκόνη Συμπυκνωμένου Χυμού Cranberry, Φρουκτο-ολιγοσακχαρίτες (FOS), Βιταμίνη C (Ασκορβικό Οξύ).

Kατάλληλο για χορτοφάγους και vegans.