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Lamberts Vegan Iron Complex 120 Tabs

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It is an ideal formula for iron and B12 for vegetarians, as in addition to iron and B12 also provides very high levels of lysine (amino acid found mainly in meat and increases iron absorption). Therefore people who do not eat meat except that they do not receive sufficiently absorbed iron (plant iron is non-hematologic and not well absorbed) do not receive lysine.

In addition, the iron is in the form of Diglygkin iron. This form (along with citrate iron) is very mild for the stomach and intestine (does not cause gastrointestinal disorders).

Like all Lamberts formulations, it is manufactured in the United Kingdom in accordance with the strict standards of Pharmaceutical GMP

Use: Take 2 tablets daily with meal or as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
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Availability 1-3 business days
Weight 0.250000
Flammable Νο
Vegan Yes
Brand Lamberts
Audience Women, Men
Content 120 tablets
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Clear coated beige tablet with speckles.

Typically per 2 tablets:

Vitamin B12 250µg
Iron 20mg
L-Lysine HCL 1250mg
Providing L-Lysine 1000mg

Tableted With:
Cellulose, Anti-caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid & Magnesium Stearate), Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerine).

Disintegration Time
Less than 1 hour.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.





Δύο ταμπλέτες αποδίδουν:

Διατροφικές πληροφορίες Aνά 2 ταμπλέτες
Βιταμίνη Β12 250μg
Σίδηρος 20mg
Υδροχλωρική L-Λυσίνη 1250mg
η οποία παρέχει: L-Λυσίνη 1000mg

Ταμπλετοποίηση με: Υδροχλωρική L-Λυσίνη, Διϋδρικό Φωσφορικό Διασβέστιο, Κυτταρίνη, Σίδηρος (Δισγλυκινικός σίδηρος) Παράγοντες Αντισυσσωμάτωσης (Διοξείδιο του Πυριτίου, Στεατικό οξύ & Στεατικό Μαγνήσιο), Επικάλυψη Ταμπλέτας (Υδρόξυπροπυλο Μεθυλοκυτταρίνη, Γλυκερίνη), Βιταμίνη Β12 (Μεθυλοκοβαλαμίνη).

Κατάλληλο για χορτοφάγους και vegans.