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Lamberts Zinc Plus Lozenges 100 Lezenges

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These tasty natural honey and lemon flavoured lozenges dissolve in the mouth to provide a steady release of zinc, vitamin C and bee propolis to the throat membranes. The zinc is present in the citrate form because citrates are known to be readily absorbed. Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system as does vitamin C.The vitamin C is presented as non-acidic ascorbate, in order to maintain an almost neutral pH and so avoid any damage to teeth. Lamberts Zinc Plus Lozenges can be used as a lozenge or as a zinc supplement. Indeed these lozenges are ideal for both adults and children who find tablets and capsules difficult to swallow. Aspartame Free. Use: Children: Slowly suck 3 lozenges daily. Adults: Up to 7 lozenges daily.
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Availability 1-3 business days
Flammable Νο
Vegan No
Brand Lamberts
Off from Original Retail Price 30
Audience Women, Men, Kids
Content 100 Lozenges
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Natural honey and lemon flavour. A white round lozenge with grey speckles.

Each lozenge delivers:

Vitamin C 30mg Zinc (as Citrate) 2mg
Bee Propolis 2.25mg Honey 25mg
Riboflavin 0.35mg

Tableted With:
Sweetener; Xylitol & Sorbitol Dextrose Fructo-oligosaccharides Flavouring (Honey, Lemon & Orange) Stearic Acid Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate.

Disintegration Time
Dissolves in mouth.

Suitable for vegetarians.




Διατροφικές πληροφορίες Aνά καραμέλα
Βιταμίνη C 30mg
Ψευδάργυρος (ως κιτρικός ψευδάργυρος) 2mg
Πρόπολη 2,5mg
Ριβοφλαβίνη (Βιταμίνη Β2) 0,35mg
Μέλι 25mg

Ταμπλετοποίηση με: Γλυκαντικές ουσίες: Σορβιτόλη & Ξυλιτόλη, Δεξτρόζη, Γεύσεις: Μέλι, Λεμόνι* και Πορτοκάλι*, Βιταμίνη C (Ασκορβικό οξύ), Διοξείδιο του Πυριτίου, Στεατικό Οξύ, Στεατικό Μαγνήσιο, Κιτρικός Ψευδάργυρος, Εκχύλισμα πρόπολης, Ριβοφλαβίνη.