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Lanes 50+ Vitality 20 Effervescent Tabs Multivitamin

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Multivitamin Vitality 50+ offers an innovative combination of vitamins & minerals, enhanced with extra ingredients and is specially designed for the increased needs of people over 50 years. Its complete and balanced composition helps to maintain normal function of the body by strengthening the immune system and providing energy, vitality and wellbeing. Its extra ingredients are particularly necessary for ages 50 and older. Prebiotics - dietary inulin fiber: Necessary for growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine and thus for maintaining intestinal flora, which is a crucial factor for the healthy condition of the digestive system and strengthening the defense capacity of the organization. Besides their contribution to gastrointestinal function, prebiotics enhance the absorption of nutrients. Lutein is a carotenoid substance sole component of the macula of the eye. Valuable antioxidant for eye health, absorbs solar radiation (visible blue light), acting as a filter. Clinical studies show that adequate intake of lutein contributes to reduced risk of macular degeneration (AMD-Age related Macular Degeneration) & cataract display. Lycopene is an antioxidant important component to address the effects of oxygen free radicals generated by external factors but also in cell metabolism. Deemed to have additional properties, such as the beneficial effect on the skin and reducing cholesterol because it inhibits the activity of the enzyme which catalyzes the production. Food supplement with 11 vitamins, 4 minerals, prebiotics, lutein and lycopene in effervescent form for easy ψονσθμπτιον with tangerine flavor Ρecommended for People 50 years and over to meet the daily increasing needs and strengthen the organization. In addition to younger people with greater needs which contraindicated formulation with extra tonic ingredients such as Panax Ginseng. Use: 1 tablet per day dissolved in a glass of water Recommended its consumption in the morning after breakfast.
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Weight 0.200000
Availability 1-3 business days
Brand Lanes
Audience Women, Men
Content 20 effervescent tablets
Ages 50+
Skin Types All
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