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Power Health Vitamin B50 Complex 30 Caps

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B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins thus can not be stored in the body. Each vitamin B is different from the other, acts synergistically with one another and they all have different effects on cells. The overall effect of B vitamins concerns a number of biological processes in the body. Sufficient to B complex helps: • In the production of energy from food • Vitamins B1 , B2 , B6 , B12 and niacin contribute to the smooth functioning of the metabolism of food, for energy production • In contrast, their absence can lead to decreased energy production, that means listlessness and fatigue • In support of the nervous system The B vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system and contribute to good psychology. Deficiency in any of the B vitamins can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. The B vitamins help to maintain the proper functioning of our digestive system. Particularly vital for good digestion, are vitamins B1 , B2 , B3 and B6. The B vitamins are necessary for normal condition of hair , skin and nails. Deficiencies in any of the B vitamins can lead to dehydration and dry skin, wrinkles, loss of hair and weak nails. Is suitable for: Women with weak skin, hair, nails. Middle-aged – elderly. Exercisers, athletes. Persons at stress. The product Vitamin B50 Complex of the series Classics Platinum Range offers that physical combination of vitamin B that guarantees their balance and thus usable in every capsule you receive. Usage: Take one capsule before breakfast
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Brand Power Health
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Content 30 capsules
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