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ProFertil Against Male Infertility 180 Tablets

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When diagnosed with "infertility" in men, the magic number is "three"! A sperm slows several months to fully develop. Therefore, PROfertil® should be administered for at least three months and up the beginning of the pregnancy. In medical terms: This is the "dietary management of male infertility associated with nutrition." You can choose the perfect package size according to the desired duration of treatment. The study results showed that the effect of PROfertil® can drive or to a considerable improvement of the health of sperm or perfectly normal semen analysis. The PROfertil® contains the following active substances. PROfertil Ingredients Tablet: Active substance -> Daily dose -> the 100g L-Carnitine -> 440 mg -> 25,9 g L-Arginine -> 250 mg -> 14,7 g Coenzyme -> 15 mg -> 0,9 g Vitamin E -> 120 mg-> 7,1 g Zinc -> 40 mg -> 2,4 g Folic acid -> 800 mcg -> 47,1 mg Glutathione -> 80 mg -> 4,7 g Selenium -> 60 mcg -> 3,5 mg L-carnitine: It is produced naturally in the body and serves as an active substrate for the sperm. L-Carnitine has properties that can improve mobility and sperm count. L-Arginine: The amino acid that the human body needs in a large quantity and according to study findings, improves the quantity and mobility of sperm. Zinc: Apart from its antioxidant properties and its contribution to many biochemical processes of the human organism, trace element Zinc helps to improve the density of sperm, increases the number of sperm that are moving quickly, and increasees the testosterone level, which plays an important role in spermatogenesis. Vitamin E: Improves sperm motility and increases the ability of sperm to bind to egg. Glutathione and Selenium: Both are extremely effective scavengers of free radicals. In many studies, it was observed that both nutrients help significantly to improve sperm motility. Coenzyme Q 10: improves fertility rates and sperm count and increases sperm motility. Folic Acid: It is crucial for cell growth and cell division (blood cell production) as well as the metabolism of the nerves. Also involved in the coronary system. The positive effect of this vitamin has been known for some time. Since then, there have been extensive research and administration is highly recommended.
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Brand ProFertil
Availability 1-3 business days
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Flammable Νο
Vegan No
Audience Men
Content 180 tablets
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